Seed Sale

Our mission is to provide an NFT Marketplace that offers flexibility and seamless fast transactions for creators and collectors. Through use of our multi-chain and swap options.

Purchase ADA from any exchange eg Binance, Coinage and send to your Cardano supported Wallets like Yoroi, Adalite, and Daedalus.

1 Ada = 166.667 Glov

1 Glov = 0.0060 ADA

Minimum buy 300 ADA

Maximum buy 30000 ADA

Send ADA to below Address

Scan Barcode To send ADA

Glovarrs who purchases $10,000 ADA worth of $Glov tokens will be referred to as the Cullinans and will be the first bidders of our rarest NFTs, will be the first when we get to our ISPO and will be part of the decision-makers of the Glovarry project going forward.

Token allocation is immediate to the address that was used to send the ADA to our address, the ADA sent must be equal to or above the minimum ADA indicated for each stage of the sale.